Conchie & Co respects your privacy.

GDPR information audit Conchie & Co 16/05/2018

Information comes into Conchie & Co by email and by conversations either on telephone or face to face. It is stored digitally and in some cases in paper form (printouts of digital files and handwritten meeting notes). As a sole trader, Yvonne Conchie is controller and processor of all the information.

The information collected is personal, but not sensitive. It is predominantly contact details and occasionally attendance at public events. These are managed through third party applications that include, but are not limited to: Microsoft outlook, google (docs, android and gmail), dropbox, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, facebook, twitter, etc. All GDPR compliance updates on those platforms have been accepted.

Some information is included in database files and contacts on external drives, mobile devices and laptops. These are all password protected but not encrypted.

If someone asks me to share your contact details, and they are not already in the public domain (e.g. on your website), I will always ask your permission first.

16/05/2018 Yvonne Conchie