All that time and effort, and all that public money too – you need to know you’re spending it to best effect. How will you know what you have achieved? Increasingly funders are requiring more robust evidence of the impact their investments have, and embedding evaluation into your project from the design stage is the recommended way to do it. It is so important, funders may withold the final payments of their grant until they recieve a successful evaluation report.

To keep costs low, I help project staff to design their ideal criteria and then provide a bespoke toolkit for them to capture the evaluation material they need. I offer ongoing support during the delivery phase. This material is balanced with primary information such as one-to-one interviews with key stakeholders and onine surveys to participants, before being collated into a final evaluation report.

Have a look at the dukesfield video we commissioned as part of the project’s evaluation, it gives a really great overview of the project and the wide ranging impact it had: