Meet Yvonne…

Me, thrilled with my first go at bronze casting using prehistoric technology

I’m Yvonne Conchie.  Hello!

I’ve been working in natural and cultural heritage conservation in the north of England for 25 years. As an independent freelancer I choose projects that allow me to work with communities to make the best of their places and spaces.

When I asked Nick from Northumberland Wildlife Trust how he would describe what I do, he said “you’re a dot joiner – you get both the big picture and the fine detail, and you see the opportunities and help make the connections happen.” Essentially, I do Networked Heritage, as it’s becoming known.

Kim from Nenthead Chapel Arts and Visitor Centre said “You get the feeling that there’s a whole ‘other’ working with you and willing you to succeed. You threw yourself into our project, bringing insight and clarity in a subtle and considerate kind of way.”

As a contemporary Conchie (it is my real name!), I think carefully about the work I choose to do – strong influences are permaculture and rewilding, local distinctiveness, digital solutions, low carbon living and collaborating for resilience. I think we have lessons to learn from nature and from the past that we can reapply in our futures, and that our rural landscapes and the communities that care for them, are essential for the wellbeing of everyone.

I’m most active on my twitter and on facebook. I don’t post very often on my blog, but you can find my occasional musings here.

If I remember I’ll post links to media stories referencing my work here.

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