Nenthead Chapel Restoration

“Employing Yvonne is like calling in the reinforcement Nenthead Chapel logoguard! You get the feeling that there’s a whole ‘other’ working with you and willing you to succeed. Yvonne threw herself into our project, bringing insight and clarity in a subtle and considerate kind of way. She is a font of knowledge and entirely professional. We would thoroughly recommend her.”

 Kim Hobson. Nenthead Chapel Project Co-ordinator. March 2014

20140510_153504Providing Audience Engagement and Learning & Training expertise to kickstart the community group’s Activity Planning for their Round 2 HLF application.

Nenthead Chapel is an elegant nineteenth century listed building which is rapidly decaying, but the community have a bright vision for its future at the heart of their village. By developing it as a warm and inviting social space, they’re planning to reinvigorate their local economy and community facilities for the both the 400 residents and thousands of cyclists, bikers and walkers who pass through each year –