JB 7 June 10 resized

I’ve been commissioning videos to help tell the stories from many of the projects I’ve worked on.




Here’s a 60 second short I made (with the help of a handy KS3 pupil) about Allendale First which Locality asked us to provide s a case study for their national staff meeting.

Here’s the Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers project evaluation video:

Here’s the Bronze Arts Award Case Study for Hadrian’s Wall for KS3 (11-14 years) children looking at the collections of eleven World Heritage Site museums and portraits from the National Portrait Gallery. This formed part of the learning programme for the Wall Face dispersed exhibition in 2014.

In this video the students are sharing their work across the curriculum that has been inspired by their visits to the Hadrian’s Wall museums and working with the artists:

Our Beautiful Bogs – Northumberland’s peatland secrets video won first prize in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature UK Peatlands Programme competition for the ‘most inspiring communication of a peatland issue.’

Walltown – A Changing Landscape digital story stars me gazing into the far horizons, and ad libbing about the great landscape, geology and history of the former quarry at Walltown on Hadrian’s Wall.

The Desk Can Wait  the digital story tech’s view of the early stages of our collaboration 🙂