Reaffirming training session yesterday with Bev and Ian at Segedunum, with lots of lovely museum people. Really interesting seeing the contrasting presentation styles and the skills everyone demonstrated. Had some hearty laughs practicing the right brain/left brain techniques. All part of the British Museum’s Talking Objects project.

The course, and these people, have all become part of the history of the object I took along to share:
2013-06-16 17.36.49 (2)

Something I made on a Heritage Skills Initiative ( blacksmithing course, which was a great thing to be doing. After years of facilitating other people’s enjoyment and understanding, I decided to allow myself to experience it myself. I’ve been a long time supporter of the Heritage Skills Initiative, and it was great to practice what I’ve been helping them preach. The course took place on fathers’day, and this was very appropriate as blacksmithing meant I was using techniques and was inundated by smells and sounds which evoked my recently deceased Dad who was a model engineer. It was good to feel him alongside me somehow. Ade (, the tutor complemented me on how I held a hammer – and sure enough I didn’t have blisters by the end of the day. Burs yes, blisters, no (by such things is pride built). Later on, Ade’s Dad sat in the sun supervising us beginners, started whistling this which we played at my Dad’s funeral.

I carry the keyring with me everyday.

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