Assets of Community Value – the first step making it work for woodland


I am so proud to be working on this – I’ve loved walking and exploring this wood for years- it’s made me feel good so often and it is one of the favourite play grounds for my kids and dogs (and me too!)

Woodland Matters

Great news from a community group in Northumberland! Our Project Development Manager, Philippa Borrill, has just received an update from the local group she has been working with.

The local community have worked hard and been successful in having the Dukeshouse Wood near Hexham registered as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ by the local planning authority. The woodland is currently on the open market, this designation will give the community the opportunity to pause the sale, giving them an additional 6 months to raise funds to buy the woodland.

Image: struttandparker.comDukeshouse Wood team member Yvonne Conchie, said: “This not only gives us breathing space, but also allows us to apply to Social Investment Business.” Social Investment Business (SIB) are the brokers of Government funding made available to help purchase registered community assets.

Yvonne continues “There is now official acknowledgement of the wood’s civic amenity value – it’s not…

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