More questions than answers?

A fantastic few weeks digging at Dukesfield Arches are coming to a close.  Blessed by sunshine (mostly) and no midgies (mostly) and some fantastic volunteers (absolutely!)

On Friday morning, this is what we thought we’d found :

diagram to photo comparison

However this had changed by Sunday lunchtime and the jury is still out – were there two water wheels? Was the original 1670’s mill retained and incorporated within the 1802 mill?

10334417_712038052194160_7524501260610713973_n    10338740_712037732194192_3708292374843556962_n

What are our mystery objects? Any ideas?

10322742_712038738860758_1265177256725783092_n     10403495_712038602194105_1601601216604947439_n

Our open day on Sunday was well attended by over 40 visitors, who all joined in the debate and enjoyed exploring the three dfferent dig trenches, sharing their ideas on how they could be connected to each other.

1001979_712037642194201_2447267557123364601_n10390019_712038202194145_2200424521733033311_n10369908_712038108860821_6237482757081360183_n    10416588_712038282194137_1758792165182987125_n10411379_712038385527460_4917409302331620278_n10305519_712406555490643_3650615756850612485_n

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