Revamped Hadrian’s Wall Learning website goes live

There’s a new look to the learning website we created last year for Hadrian’s Wall – a World Heritage Site that helps you to learn about politics, engineering, art, geography, languages… and history.

73 miles long, 11 museums
Experience epic landscapes for free
Groups get free or discounted entry to sites with trained staff support
Wide range of classroom and site resources to support your teaching
Targeted online resources for homework and pupils’ research
Activities and ideas for preschool to post 16

Inspire your students, making your teaching more effective and memorable by experiencing the treasures of Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site first hand. It’s such a rich destination, with genuine precious treasures, evocative landscapes from coast to crags, and astonishing artefacts. Through their handwritten letters, personal prayers, graffiti, jewellery, artworks and thumbprints, it’s as close as we can get to meeting ancient Romans.