The value of the freelance voice in 2020

Back in July 2020, Culture Northumberland’s newsletter shared a link to a survey inviting creative freelancers in Northumberland, Coventry and Waltham Forest to contribute to research into the “crucial contribution of freelancers to the creative industries”.

The study was intended to

“generate new insights into the business models of creative freelancers and their relationship to local labour markets, creative networks, supply chains and innovation systems – as well as identifying the challenges that they face.”

So after interviewing 30 or so self-defining freelancers from each of the three places, earlier this week the researchers from Coventry University asked if I would like to join their panel when they presented their interim results. The workshop would have the theme Needs and possibilities for creative freelancer businesses in reset, recovery and building back better.

Read my blog about my experience on the Culture Northumberland Website: