A conference, a toolkit and a FRGS

Quick update amid all the busy-ness writing funding bids for the 20 churches in the RCfE enabling funds…

Rev Dr Helen Savage and I are speaking about the 6As of Blanchland and how we have collaborated with digital researchers in our heritage-led community development project at the HeritageDot online conference on Wednesday 22nd March: https://heritagedot.org/2023-programme/

The long-awaited Rural Churches for Everyone Buildings Review Toolkit is finally nearing completion and will be published in the next few weeks, but in the meantime you can check out my talk about it, and the excellent evaluation video from November’s conference here: https://www.newcastle.anglican.org/mission-ministry-discipleship/mission-ministry/rural-ministry/rcfe-conference/

And lastly, after finding myself the least qualified person in the room several times over the last few months, not having time nor the headspace to actually do a PhD myself, and getting myself into another knot trying to explain what it is that I actually do, I decided to apply for fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society. Turns out I was qualified decades ago! So I can now put FRGS after my name, along with the BSC, PGCE and PGC. I’m currently waiting to hear back if I qualify as a Chartered Geographer, and I need to say a big thanks to Revd Dr Helen Savage and Dr Philippa Carter (least qualified, see?) for writing my references, which made me feel really good about myself – thanks folks.