Natural Ability Help Us Out

Our friends from Natural Ability have been helping us out tidying up the Arches site in recent weeks.

10009866_483743475081204_464653528_n 1382119_483742765081275_1448714133_n

We brought in local tree surgeon John Harding to fell some of the trees which were obscuring the views of the arches and dropping their seeds onto their new turf cap.


This left us with a great opportunity to use the smaller trees and branches to create some wildlife habitats for nesting birds, insects and mammals around the site.

1972448_483742185081333_2012640372_n Natural Ability making habitat piles on site

The Natural Ability trainees are also clearing some of the scrub away in preparation for the archaeology digs we have planned for May.


They’ve made a huge difference, and seeing them on site working alongside the stonemasons and other volunteers planning future activities was great. Thank you!

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