Inspired Prints

Here are some of the fabulous prints people have made over the last few weeks during our print workshops.

Ainsley,Louise 2Ann Watson,1Baxendal,JanBranigan,Shona 1Brewis,Ruth 1Charlton,RobinDavidson,Cynthia 1Denbury,Diana 2Hancock,Ian 1Ian hancockJackie HughesJanet BrookJohn Browne-SwinburneJulie FinchKathryn RoperKeely-Roberts,Delilah 1Knowles,SandraLouise Ainsley 2Mandy RobertsMelvin,KarenNewton,Rosemary 2Pepys,Vicky 1Peter SamsomRailton,Glynis 1Railton,Glynis 2Roberts, FintanShona BraniganUnknown A,2Unknown B,1Unknown CVicky PepysWatson,Ann 1Yvonne ConchieAndie..

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