Learning about the people and places of the Lead Industry

This week two classes from Allendale Primary will be working with the Dukesfield Smelters and Carriers Project, visiting Allenheads miner/farmer landscape and the conservation works at Dukesfield Arches. Later in the week the children will be creating artworks inspired by their visits for entry into the Allendale Agricultural Show, and maybe the Slaley Show.
 10534108_10152997765176982_4574867916725370993_n Knowledge in Darkness
We’ve been lucky enough to bring in a wide range of professionals to support the visits including at Allenheads:
 – Allenheads artist Bridget Kennedy who has an exhibition of sculptures inspired by Thomas Sopwith’s writings – Knowledge in Darkness
 – Allenheads geologist – to talk about the mining, geology and landscapes
 – Allenheads engineer –  to demonstrate the hydraulic engines
 – Allenheads gamekeeper to talk about the moors and their birdlife and how they’re looked after today
At Dukesfield, they’ll be introduced to the site by our own volunteers, and will then work with experts…

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