Leaden Learning?

…not this week!

Allendale Primary School spent the day at Dukesfield Arches today, working alongside the stonemasons, archaeologists, and volunteers on a range of heritage and arts based activities.

Getting entrenched in the archaeology:

20140709_115047 20140709_11450620140709_111726

Making technical drawings of the excavations:


Helping rebuild the Leat wall using traditional lime mortar:

20140709_11331320140709_113439 20140709_113212

Writing haiku poetry about the arches then and now:


Sketching their inspiration for their entries into the Allendale Agricultural Show:

20140709_13354720140709_133453 20140709_133641

And exploring perspective and focus using the camera obscura:


From the comments afterwards, the archaeologists, stone masons and volunteers enjoyed it just as much as the children. What a great day!

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