Prehistoric CPD

CPD is important for self employed folks - and we can be really creative about the opportunities we choose. I have just come back from an amazing prehistoric themed trip to Norfolk. First we had a real treat - a day in and above the neolithic flint mines at Grimes Graves with Will Lord who has … Continue reading Prehistoric CPD


Pan-European identity for the Union Jack?

A week in Cyprus with the hosts, students and tutors of three Grampus Heritage projects, was a heartening way to spend the second anniversary of the Brexit vote. Most of the students were British, and those few that weren't seemed to have studied at UK universities. The other tutors were Greek, Cypriot, Maltese, Polish, and … Continue reading Pan-European identity for the Union Jack?

Inspired Surprise!

So lovely to see the Dukesfield project used as an exemplar for community engagement and activity planning in the #InspiredFutures training today. I was there with St Augustine's Alston, who I'm helping to develop a project plan. Exciting discussions around rekindlung churches' social role as part of their living Christian heritage and mission. Keen to see how … Continue reading Inspired Surprise!

Help Marcus the Minifigure on his mission from Epiacum View Geocache

Marcus, the Roman Centurion minifigure, is making the final preparations to set off on the first stage of exploring the Roman Empire from Epiacum Roman Fort in South Tynedale. As part of the celebrations marking the 60th year since the first archaeology excavations took place at the special site, the volunteers of Epiacum are sending … Continue reading Help Marcus the Minifigure on his mission from Epiacum View Geocache