Social Innovation in Rural Areas

The EU Horizon2020 research and Innovation Programme has recently completed thir Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas programme It's a mine of  robust research that backs up my own approach to supporting communities to be more resilient. Interestingly the programme is diseminating their findings and skills through a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) … Continue reading Social Innovation in Rural Areas

Not producing the answers

Quote today from a local land agent: "What I have been impressed by with this project is how the local community have taken full ownership of it and not relied upon outside consultants to produce the answers." ...that means I'm doing the project management right, yes? One of the volunteers seems to think so: You … Continue reading Not producing the answers

A pair of palimpsests

Epiacum and Blanchland both sit right on on the southern border of Northumberland, one with Cumbria and the other with County Durham. Both are multilayered scheduled monuments, with impressive remains still visible at the surface, intriguing their visitors.The ramparts of Epiacum Roman Fort still hold the footings of the military buildings, now over lain by … Continue reading A pair of palimpsests

Prehistoric CPD

CPD is important for self employed folks - and we can be really creative about the opportunities we choose. I have just come back from an amazing prehistoric themed trip to Norfolk. First we had a real treat - a day in and above the neolithic flint mines at Grimes Graves with Will Lord who has … Continue reading Prehistoric CPD