Living Legacy of Wild at Kielder

It’s not often you get a nice surprise in the post, but today I did, with the end of project report for the Living Wild at Kielder wildlife project. It says

“over 110,000 people have developed a greater awareness of Kielder’s wildlife through digital and physical interpretation or face-to-face engagement”

The last few years have seen me developing and delivering the interpretation elements with Marcus Byron Design The report showcases some of the great work we achieved, like the interpretation in the new hide and welcome point at Bakethin Nature Reserve:

Here we also installed the otter, osprey and salmon carved bench and the wild clearing actvities that encourage people to explore the mosses and minibeasts under the tree canopy off the main lakeside way (wheelchair accessible, of course!). We also did the original planning and design for the refitted Tower Knowe Visitor Centre. We put in some new community trails at Stonehaugh, Falstone and Greenhaugh, and created kids clue trails at Kielder Waterside, Bakethin Nature Reserve, Kielder Castle and Tower Knowe Visitor Centre.


Kids clue trails

Lastly I developed wildlife content on including digital ‘wild walks‘ using ViewRanger app, and also installed widlife themed geocaches, all of which are bringing in new audiences to discover the wildlife secrets of Kielder.


My Wild Walks on ViewRanger and Geocaches

Next stop for me is producing another digital walk for the Kielderhead Wildwood #rewilding project where the watershed is being planted with clones of the relict ancient pine trees that remain in the hidden Scaup valley.

Wildwood logo web small